CEO Talks by Inna Kuts: A Leadership Brief on Revolutionizing the Mobile Banking Industry with Jussi Teeriaho

Globally, the banking sector is developing very fast. Trends that arose in 2021 are setting the stage for a digitally focused banking future that’s arriving somewhat earlier than imagined. The fourth industrial revolution promises to revolutionize the way the banking and finance sector operates from online payments and digital loans to cryptocurrency and online forex trading.

Jussi Teeriaho is a Finnish businessman, the founder and CEO of MobiBank, and a global digital activist. He invented the backup system for Nokia phones and successfully sold his business before Nokia Mobile lost its position of world leadership. …

CEO Talks by Inna Kuts: A Brief on Supply Chain Innovation with Tom Raftery.

Amid the disruption of 2020, the global pandemic provided a rare window into the future of business as it unfolded in real time. The scope and speed of change were unprecedented, accelerating digital transformation by as much as five years in a 12-month period. As someone whose job entails predicting the future, Tom Raftery stays optimistic and is convinced of the unstoppable march of progress.

Tom Raftery is a global vice-president, futurist, and innovation evangelist for SAP, an adjunct professor at the Instituto Internacional San Telmo, and a board advisor for a number of startups. …

A year ago, most of us wouldn’t have understood phrases like social distancing, human breath analysis, or the idea of wearing cloth masks. These days, pretty much everyone knows that the breath can flow at about at least 1.5 to 2 meters and plays a major role in our metabolism. Ironically, due to the pandemic and home isolation, the healthcare industry got its major boost, thanks to the technologies that define our health status just by a single breath.

Ulrich Jerichow, Founder & CEO of the German-based company VitaScale, joined me for a new edition of CEO Talks to examine this topic from business, technical, and medical perspectives. Ulrich holds a Ph.D. …

There’s a full-scale public debate over taking necessary steps to avoid a climate crisis that can change world history. Global political and business establishments are setting ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Graeme Boiardini, President of ‘Waste to Energy’ at The Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, has been actively participating in this debate for years by developing his own groundbreaking ‘green’ companies in the UK.

A serial entrepreneur who has been involved with a number of private companies over the last 25 years, recently raised £20m for the ‘Waste to Energy’ company, which has started to commercially operate and produce renewable fuels. …

CEO Talks by Inna Kuts: My Never Boring Talk with Enrico Roselli

La Martina has been captivating the world of polo since its foundation in 1984. The premium sportswear and lifestyle company, loved by polo players of the highest rank and led by the prominent CEO, Enrico Roselli, manages an international network that is uniquely positioned to be the market leader in the organization and support of polo. The brand is built on a genuine passion for the game of the global elites and focused on the production of technical equipment, fashion apparel, and accessories.

Enrico has been leading the business extension for the last 20 years, embracing the values of polo, and developing the culture of this sport through the support of clubs, associations, professionals, and amateur players.

Under his patronage, La Martina has become the official supplier of the Guards Polo Club (the…

CEO Talks by Inna Kuts: My Never Boring Talk with Garrett Johnston

The pandemic has accelerated trends that are likely to reshape business management for years to come. A lot has been said about purpose-driven businesses and Garrett Johnston, founder and CEO of Epiphany, has been leading that conversation for some time now.

Throughout his career, Garrett has put his values front and center, and he recently joined me for an insightful talk as my first guest this season.

Garrett has an extraordinary story. Born in Dublin, Ireland, he has built an exceptional career in strategic marketing and sales, worked in 14 different…

CEO Talks by Inna Kuts

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